How to run multiple Whatsapp in one Mobile Now WhatsApp has become most important part of our life.

Most of us wants to use more than one WhatsApp in one Mobile, but how??

So, here is the solution…

Follow these steps to use more than one WhatsApp in one Mobile

1. First download the original WhatsApp from play store and install it


2. Download the second working WhatsApp from below link

Download 2nd

3. After download second WhatsApp install it too

4. If you want more WhatsApp simply Install Parallel Space from Play Store

5. Now simply copy both WhatsApp downloaded from above link

6. Now you have 4 Different WhatsApp in one Mobile, enjoy it.

If you need any help and want to download even more WhatsApp, then feel free to ask me in comment from How to run multiple Whatsapp in one Mobile.

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