Android Pie, in this section we will cover some of the important new features of Android Pie

Android Pie is the 9th version of Android, it is also known as Android 9 and it’s API version is API 28. If you don’t know what API(Android Program Interface) is go here API . For the sake of simplicity and ease of learning I’m dividing this section in three categories.

  1. Intelligence
  2. Simplicity
  3. Digital Well-being

Firstly we will discuss about


In this section we will cover the following topics

  • Battery Performance
  • Adaptive Battery
  • Adaptive Brightness

Battery Performance

Battery Performance is much improved because of new features added and more control over background running apps.

Adaptive Battery

According to this Features , Android will decide that how much frequency is utilised by a application in the smartphone. This is based on how much we use the application. Android will also decide how much power is required by the app for better the use of smartphone. You can see this frequency and power usage in the battery area in smartphone’s settings.

Adaptive Brightness

Auto Brightness feature is available in the smartphone from long. But now they can ajust their brightness level according to the condition of climate change more acurately.

Artificial Intelligence

Android Pie has tons of new features but Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful from them, now in Android phones the value and usage of AI(Artificial Intelligence) is increasing more and more in the every section of phone, like now Camera can take better photos using AI, based on AI your phone can suggest you apps based on you usage, it can save battery by smartly using AI and blocking unused apps in background and many more.

One more example is when you copy a text or number or link based on you copied content Android will suggest you it’s respective actions like translate text, open dialer, open browser, etc.


Android OS is becoming simple, attractive and more efficient in usage by every update. Android Pie has more attractive UI (User Interface) than Android Oreo. The Major difference in UI between Oreo and Pie is there is Dark Mode in Android Pie which is loved by many users, and it also has less effect on your eyes in night.

Digital Wellbeing

Android Pie has added tons of new Settings some of them are, you can setup your working limit or usage of the mobile, you can see and reduce how much you are using applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram,etc apps . You can also disable any application for a certain interval of time.

In silent mode you can receive notifications in pop-ups, and you can take most of the actions through notification own. Android Pie version perform this feature in very smarter way.

Above them all I think that Artificial Intelligence is the most important and usable feature in Android Pie which will become more and more powerful with Every update.

That’s not it friends Android Pie has lots and lots of new features and these are the important ones if you wish to know more about Android Pie and it’s new features then go to this official page of Android Android Pie new features

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